How To Make Cookie

The trick to this technique is rolling out your cookie dough a little thicker than you usually do. I normally make my sugar cookies 3/16″ thick. When making cookie pops, I roll my dough 1/4″ thick. Once your dough is rolled and cut into the shapes you want, you may need to set it in the fridge for about 10 minutes. foodloversmad The chilled dough is easier to work with than soft dough. Then, simply slide a lollipop stick into the bottom of the cookie shape, stopping about half way up the cookie. Since the sticks will take up room on your cookie sheet, you will have to bake your cookies in more batches then you normally do. But, other than that, the baking process is the same.

This technique uses a “dough patch” to hold the stick in place, so it does not require the use of thicker dough. Roll and cut your dough as you normally would and set it in the fridge to chill. Then, slide a lollipop stick into the dough. thestreetfoody Since your dough is thinner, position the stick more towards the back of the cookie. The stick will probably break through the dough a little. When this happens, simply flip your cookie over, take a small piece of extra dough and apply it like a patch, smoothing it down as much as possible.

This technique is a cheat you can use if you do not want to put the stick inside the cookie dough. Instead the stick is attached to the cookie packaging. foodseaters Simply make your cookies as you normally do. Prepare your packaging by taping a lollipop stick to the inside of a clear cellophane treat bag. When you are ready to package your cookies, place each one in a treat bag with the top of the cookie at the bottom of the bag. Tie off the bag with a ribbon or a twist tie. tastyfoodtips Presto you have a cookie pop that can be unwrapped and eaten like a regular cookie.

This is a great way to make cookie pops if you want to bake and decorate your cookies without the stick. You start by baking undecorated mini cookies, about 2″ in diameter, and setting those aside. Then, bake and decorate your “fancy” cookie. Once it has completely dried, use a little bit of royal icing to attached your decorated cookie to you plain cookie with the stick.

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